Monday, 13 January 2014

SAVVAIDIS & Associates | Rhodes - A Great Location for Medical Tourism

Highly trained and specialised medical staff, relatively low cost medical services and easy accessibility create an excellent framework here in Greece to open up the market to "Medical Tourism"according to a recent article entitled "Medical Tourism 2020".

The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health have already begun developing strategies to promote Greece as a global destination in this field with the aim of creating new jobs, drawing attention to the major Greek cities as City Break destinations and to stimulate investment in medical tourism on a global scale.  It is important to remember that Greece has a highly skilled and highly trained scientific and medical potential.

Plenty of natural resources, the excellent climate, combined with the medical infrastructure in Greece's private sector, and a large number of hotels make medical tourism in Greece a highly competitive product with the potential to attract a large number of  "tourists".

Rhodes already has a state of the art clinic, Euromedica, which opened back in November 2006.  A high tech and fully equipped facility, with experienced, dedicated and highly trained medical and nursing staff.

Rhodes is well known for its endless days of sunshine.  Today for example, January 13th the temperature is a very mild 20 degrees.  This mild climate and the beauty of the island are just a couple of reasons so many visitors have decided to stay on a more permanent basis.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


A grass roots campaign, for the Greek people, by the Greek people.

A group of  volunteers, with a passion and a love for Greece, created the most successful tourism campaign of 2013 "UpGreek Tourism", promoting Greek tourism abroad by organising campaigns through the use of mainly social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

 As reported in Fourtunegreece, three successful campaigns were organised; one in Times Square, one on 7th Avenue, Washington DC and another in Picadilly, London.  Over 600 people helped with the financing.

George Klebokiotis, one of the co-founders of UpGreek Tourism has been living in Dubai since 2005 but is quick to point out that his heart belongs to Greece.  In 2009 on his personal Facebook page he launched an event under the title of "Go to Greece this Summer" which received over 170,000 "Likes".  He realised how many quick and easy ways there are to motivate people and his goal became to find funding for the promotion of Greek tourism.

The public have wholeheartedly backed this initiative and the group's website emerged as Web Project of the year at the Tech Excellence Awards and was also awarded the Greek Technology Award by PC magazine which annually awards the best products, services and companies.

Savvas Savvaidis of SAVVAIDIS & Associates Real Estate Agents, believes in this campaign that has been solely created by people with nothing more than a love for their country.  

Anybody who would like to volunteer or learn more about this group, can visit the website to see all previous campaigns and assist the crowdfunding effort!  

Source: Rodiaki &